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Who am I?

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you! I am Jeffrey Rosenkrantz. A career in hospitality has ignited a passion to travel the world. In my downtime, I enjoy creative outlets such as photography and making digital art.


Hands-on hospitality leader with 20 years of proven experience across many departments of the service industry including theme parks, restaurants, bars and front office. Currently, I hold a position as a hospitality consultant, fulfilling task-force management positions in the Front Office and Food and Beverage departments across the United States. I also operate my own Content Creator brand.

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I have always enjoyed creative outlets. Over the past couple of years I have been devoting more time to improve my photography skills and during the pandemic I started making digital art. I am offering my work for sale in order to help fund my passion.


Travel is my greatest passion. What I love most about exploring the world is the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, feed my curiousity of the various cultures and experience the natural beauty of our planet. I host a Travel Diary, Travel Guides and more at The Adventure Beyond.

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