Who Am I?

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you! I am Jeffrey Rosenkrantz. A career in hospitality has ignited a passion to travel the world. In my downtime, I enjoy creative outlets such as photography and making digital art.

My Resume

My career began in the heart of the house, working my way up from a dishwasher to sous chef before expanding into the front of the house where I grew into a successful food and beverage manager. In continuing growth, I turned toward the hotel front office where my drive for delivering excellence in guest services was able to shine. With the covid-19 crisis severely impacting the industry, I jumped at the opportunity to follow my passion of traveling the world. This was also the perfect time to learn new skills and taught myself web development in order to create a site dedicated to sharing my travel experiences as well as a personal website where I sell some of my digital artwork and my best photos.

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Digital Art

A collection of my digital artwork. All work was done using Procreate on an iPad Pro. Each piece is available for sale as a printed poster for $15 or as NFT on the OpenSea market. Available for open commission work as well, please reach out directly for more information.

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A collection of favorite captures from my travels around the world. Landscape and wildlife are my preferred subject matter, though this is expanding as I gain more practice. Be sure to check back frequently as more shots are added often. Postcard prints for $5 USD each.

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Self-taught in web design in order to create this website as well as my travel blog. Proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. Future plans include freelancing designs with custom CMS for small businesses.

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In March 2020, I resigned from my position as a Front Office Manager of a boutique hotel and signed on as a hotel consultant, gaining the flexibility to set off on more long-time travels. The Adventure Beyond is my travel blog, highlighting my journey of slow travel.

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