About Me

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you! I am Jeffrey Rosenkrantz. A career in hospitality has ignited a passion to travel the world. In my downtime, I enjoy creative outlets such as photography and making digital art.


Micro-format blog including general thoughts and observations as I navigate the world around me. Technology and travel related posts are also shared here as a I am a geek with a passion to explore the planet.

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Digital Art

A collection of my digital artwork. All work was done using Procreate on an iPad Pro. Each piece is available for sale as a printed poster for $15 or as NFT on the OpenSea market. Available for open commission work as well, please reach out directly for more information.

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A collections of favorite captures from my travels around the world. Landscape and wildlife are my preferred subject matter, though this is expanding as I gain more practice. Be sure to check back frequently as more shots are added often. Photography is available as postcard prints for $5 USD each.

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My career began in the heart of the house, working my way up from a dishwasher to sous chef before expanding into the front of the house where I grew into a successful food and beverage manager. In order to continue growth, I turned toward the hotel front office where my drive for delivering excellence was able to shine. With the covid-19 pandemic severely impacting the industry, I jumped at the opportunity to follow my true passion of traveling the world. I have dedicated myself to building a brand across various social media platforms in order to share my story.

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